How do you organise a children's birthday party when you don't have any ideas ?

The big day is approaching, time is running out... and it's becoming a bit of a worry. Too many different styles, the last one put pressure on you... you begin to regret the decision to organise a birthday party ! Don't panic ! We will take you through the themes proposed by My Little Day, we have listed the decor priorities to buy for a birthday party that's sure to succeed ! The necessities ? Balloons, candles and confetti ! Without forgetting the traditional pinata and sweets ! The finishing touch : at the end of the party, give out a party bag for each guest ! Fill it with little figurines, stickers, tattooos, mini-games... All happy things ! Advice for original children's party decor.

Once you have chosen the theme, simply follow the guide !

My Little Day makes your life easier with easy party decor for all your wishes ! You could mix invitations with party bags, paper cups with plates, and don't forget foil balloons ! The little detail that makes the difference : prepare a little photobooth space where your (adorable) little monster and their little monster friends (all adorable, of course) could strike a pose and take photos with accessories ! We bet your child's birthday party will be a success !