What are the essentials for a birthday party ?

Celebrating your birthday implies being forced to reveal your age. Yet number balloons do it in such a beautiful way ! We have them in gold, silver, black and the must-have, pink ! And candles of course, the cherry on the cake (chocolate, vanilla, red velvet ... whatever you want )! Colourful, sequins, shiny, the principal is knowing how to blow them out ! Warning, for those over 100 years old, make sure your dentures are in well to avoid an accident ! Don't forget the essentials, balloons, confetti, paper crockery, garlands... and if you want to party to the max, wear costumes ! Become who you've always wanted to be.

What kind of party for what age?

There are no rules. Yes, you have the right to be princesses at 18 as well as 70 ! The over 40s will choose a disco party but avoid a Disney theme. But from Sweet Sixteens to 100ths, organise parties that you can sing and dance about ! The most important is to have fun in a great atmosphere, dance 'til the end of the night and laugh 'til you cry (that's not compulsory, but laugh a lot, it's good for you!)