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Kraft and beige aren't too old ?

We associate kraft with vintage a lot, but it's up to you to modernise the material. It's always possible with glitter, gold sequins or star confetti to give it a little pop. On the other hand, you could also change it up to be soft and natural with beige tableware, powder white balloons and cream shells. In all cases, kraft gives charm to your party.

How do you do a more eco-friendly kraft party ?

With a party comes a lot of waste left behind. So for those who think of our pretty blue planet, we have plenty of party products that are less harmful to the environment. We recommend you use tableware made of natural materials like bamboo. To decorate your table, go for a linen table centerpiece or one that you could keep and reuse. We have even selected washable napkins and table sets ! Mix them with washable glasses and a resuable kraft cake stand, your ecological party will impress your loved ones.