Baby Shower or Welcome Party?

What? You don't know the difference between a baby shower and a welcome party ? We assure you, 2 months ago, neither could we ! It's very simple, a baby shower is to celebrate the Mum, before teh arrival of the newborn. You offer her presents, you help her to prepare to be a Mum and you have fun with some crazy activities. For a welcome party, the baby is already here, the guests will only have eyes for him/her. The second option allows you to present him or her to everyone and is perfect for the more superstitious amongst us.

What theme could I have for an original baby shower ?

Of course, when you think of a baby shower, you think of pink if it's a girl, blue if it's a boy, and pastel if it's a surprise. We think of soft decor, made of sweets, babies bottles and teddies, etc... But you know us, at My Little Day, we're tired of the same generic baby showers, so we dare to be original. Flowers galore, tropical jungle, or a black and white baby shower ; in addition to classic themes, we have concocted some original baby shower ideas, a touch out-there but very stylish.