What is a baby shower ?

When organising a baby shower for the first time, it's a little fear inducing. Originating in the states and recently becoming a popular phenomenon over here, we don't know the exact rules of the baby shower. What is it exactly ? The chance for the Mother-to-be to celebrate the arrival of her baby with her nearest and dearest. Generally guests bring gifts for the Mummy, you play games and often there is a candy bar to satisfy the sweet teeth. The baby shower is for fun so arrange the decor around a light and festive vibe.

What are the must-haves for a baby shower ?

A bit new to the idea, we have made your life easier by giving you some principal tips to throw a successful baby shower for your best friend. For the decor, there are some essentials like balloons which you cannot forget. If you know the sex of the baby, we have "girl" or "boy" balloons, if not the more general "baby" version. The balloons are key to any party, you could group them in a bunch or a balloon arch for a stunning feature. The candy bar also plays a key role, every baby shower should have their sweet table. Place sweet treats on pretty little plates that will take the guests back to their childhood, they'll be delighted by all the sweets. We have a wonderful choice for you, with the necessities for a successful baby shower.