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Do you need to like the cold to have a party with an Arctic theme ?

There's no need to like the cold to create a glacial theme. Whether you like the cold, the North Pole and baby seals or not, you can organise an Arctic party. And why not break the codes and invite your friends to on in summer ? Winter jackets, boots and ice shot glasses to warm you up. For eskimos, don't look for ice, just eat chocolate ice cream. Once you have an Iceberg feel, ask the question that has plagued the world for the last 20 years, why did Rose not let Jack have some room on the raft !?!

How do you create great Antarctic mission decor ?

Packed ice, frozen water, starry skies and wild fauna in the Arctic are coming to your party. Star with the room decor with a ceiling of lanterns, honeycomb balls and starry lanterns in white, light blue, silver and iridescent. Add loads of moon, diamond and shiny holographic star balloons without forgetting some foil seals and penguins. On the tbale, put out a silver tablecloth then sprinkle some fake snow around your tableware and mix the silver star plates with blue star napkins. Some snowballs and penguin figurines will finish off your decor perfectly.