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Can you mix animal patterns for your baby shower decor ?

Animal patterns are perfect for a baby shower. But make sure to match them well to avoid a crazy zoo effect ! Because lobsters don't go very well with foxes or pandas, even if they are really cute ! Instead, go for themes such as: forest animals, arctic animals, marine animals or even cute animals, for a perfect harmony for your baby shower decor ! So you can mix foxes with rabbits, pandas with cats, and even pink flamingos with toucans ! Discover our selection of animal baby shower themes for a successful party for sure !

Tricks for organising your baby shower ?

A baby shower can be stressful to organise, we agree. If you're the future Mum, we advise you to leave it in the hands of your friend, a sister, your Mum, as a future auntie kind of maid of honor ! And if you're oragnising it for a future Mum, follow our advice for it to be great ! It's best to make a little list of all the things to prepare : date, venue, guests, theme, invitations, decor, activities... For the decor, choose essentials depending on the theme : balloons, garlands, honeycomb balls, disposable crockery, confetti, decor accessories fro your candy bar... Like that, you won't forget anything ! And take a look at our blog for other advice on activities and baby shower decor !