How do you organise a little girl's birthday party with an animal theme ?

Before everything, it's better to define the theme by choosing a particular animal ! A pink flamingo ? A horse ? A unicorn ? (ah no, it's not a real animal !)

Then for the decor, go for colors associated with your animal : white/gold for the swan, blue for the dolphin, and for the pink flamingo... well that's rather straightforward !

All that's left is choosing your birthday party decor essentials : balloons, garlands, plates, paper cups or even straws, always to suit your animal !

To surprise the little guests, we advise you to choose an animal pinata, another birthday party essential which provides entertainment too ! And take a look on our blog for other decor ideas and advic for activities to organise a great animal birthday party !

What are the animals most often associated with girls ?

 They're the most girly animals according to color, shape and characteristics ! The elegant white swan, the famous pink flamingo or even little adorable animals, with sweet traits ! On My Little Day, we give you a selection of animal-themed decor and costumes, so let yourself be guided !

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