How do you organise an original animal themed child's birthday party ?

An original birthday party needs an original theme, original activities, but most importantly super original decor, and that's definitely our thing ! At My Little Day, we love animals so much we've been inpsired for the decor : toucan pinata, parrot balloons, fox garlands, rabbit confetti… Best start getting organised ! Start by making animal invitations and giving them out (it's better) to their friends. Then move on to party decor by choosing our party decor essentials : balloons, garlands, confetti, lanterns, pinatas and so much more ! Match the decor with the colours and patterns of the theme : green for jungle animals, blue for marine animals, mini foxes for forest animals, each theme has colours and its associated decor ! The decor : check, now move on to activities that our little bunnies will love ! And for that, we've made a selection of great activities and DIY workshops on our blog ! Something other than musical chairs (even though we love it)... At the end of the party, give out a little party bag to each little guest, filled with sweet treats and little animal gifts ! And there you go, you're holding all the cards to organise an incredible animal birthday party !

What are original/trendy animal themes ?

You seem to say "animals are cute, but they're not very original" ! It's true. Except when you choose the animals for your birthday party well, forest animals, marine animals, polar animals and our favorite, cute adorable animals ! Trendy animals which are hits on Instragram are : the pink flamingo, of course, very girly and so original, the panda, the toucan and the llama, that are all destined to knock the unicorn off it's throne ! And with this mixed decor, your birthday party will be super trendy !