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How do you make an Advent calendar yourself ?

What child doesn’t look forward to the day they can finally start opening their Advent calendar ?! Plus, they’re not just for children ! Want to be a Mummy or Daddy who bosses it ?! Well, get ready, because you’re going to have to make it yourself. Oh no, have we scared you ? Are you panicking? Don’t stress, we promise your homemade calendar will be so great, it’ll be worthy of an A* in GCSE Art ! Kraft boxes, material bags, paper envelopes, satin ribbon, stickers… Take a look at our blog article “The Advent Calendar”, it’s easy peasy to follow ! And for the little gifts, we advise mixing sweet treats with mini gifts, depending on what your child likes. This year, out with the awful calendar with just chocolates bought from the local supermarket and make your own sit proudly in the kitchen !

What gifts can you put inside an Advent calendar ?

Originally, Advent calendars are known for being a way to stuff yourself with chocolate before Santa comes. But as you’ve probably thought, in the last few years, the trend has changed : games, playing cards or even little pieces of jewellery. Even adults can have them with makeup, beer, candles, tea… The advantage of creating your own calendar is that, obviously, you can choose what gifts you put inside. Fed up with chocolates and cheesy toys ? At My Little Day, we prefer to put in reindeer figurines, stationery, hair clips, candy canes… Discover our selection and find all your little gifts !