What are the essentials for an adult birthday?

In the essentials, we ask the balloons. Of all the shapes, sizes, and colors they are made and forged for the party. Nothing more festive than a bunch of multicolored balloons. The balloons are accompanied by decorations, we do not want them alone in a corner. We have balloons and accessories for all desires and occasions. Always so indispensable, the candles, without them the cake looks really sad. We have original and colorful candles to add even more magic to your cake, we also have beautiful toppers that will come to enthrall on your cake. Then the activities! A photobooth, a beer pong, a blackjack, ... Discover our proposals of activities on the site or the blog!

What decorations for a birthday?

Party favors, alveoli, garlands and curtains, you can for example create a balls sky as an air of artificial paradise. You can also create a background for a photobooth thanks to a mylar curtain or a disco room. With a little imagination and a lot of determination, you can create a dream set for your evening. Turn your living room into a tropical jungle, your garden into a pool party. Everything is possible, for that let you guide through our selection and products. The balloons are a real success, the sun or pineapple will warm your party. To look like our new friends, we have a selection of disguises and accessories too funny.