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Are there rules to respect during an 8th birthday party ?

There are no more rules than there were for 6th and 7th birthday parties. Play all together, adapt the games to the chosen theme, alternate between calm games, lively games and workshops. At 8 years old, play lots of team games and musical games. At 8, they like pinatas, balloons and treasure hunts.

What are 8 year olds' favorite themes ?

At 8 years old, they like football, unicorns, Star Wars, Moana and Koh Lanta ! At 8, they're a child, they like what they're friends like but they also have their own interests. You could have a Totoro or Alice in Wonderland birthday party. There are no more rules. Whatever they want, the aim is to bring their friends together in the middle of balloons, confetti and laughter !