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What is a 5th birthday party like ?

A child's 5th birthday party can be a difficult one. At 5, they're big and they like to speak loudly so their friends can hear them. So of course, it's not set in stone but just be aware that you might have a difficult few hours. Some rules to respect to make your life easier. First rule : have the birthday party in a neutral space (= don't have it in your child's bedroom). Second rule : you're entertaining so it's you who decides the rules of the games and when the games change. Third rule : play all together. Fourth rule : alternate between calm games, DIYs or workshops and lively games. Fifth rule : there are no actual rules so anything can happen but it has to be great. Sixth rule : go on our blog, everything is in more detail. Seventh rule : create the decor and table in line with the theme of the birthday party, your child will be amazed ! Eighth rule : less is often more. A garland, balloons, a cake and some accessories and you're done !

Can you do workshops during a 5th birthday party ?

Yes, doing an activity during a children's birthday party is the best way to channel their energies. As long as you alternate them with lively games like "musical statues" or "relay games". Doing a workshop is super but if it fits with the theme of the party, that's even better. The result of a creative workshop can replace a party bag. If you do several activities, the children could also create their own party bag to take home ! If you have a knight party, you could for example have an activity where the children create their own helmet and then play different games like "Pass the parcel", "The Conductor" and then do another activity where they make a knight's cape. At the end of the workshop, a photobooth is needed ! As well, at the end of the party, the children can leave dressed up, having had a great afternoon !