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What kind of party can you do for a 2nd birthday party ?

At 2 years old, they're very young but fix on to things. They love animals, they love everything that's soft, cute and of course they love their parents. But yes, having a photo of you on the plates isn't great, even if you are Kate Moss. So go for tigers, lions, leopards, kittens, pandas or penguins that seem to be more appropriate. So for the base of the decor, go for one of these animals everywhere (on the table, the wall, the floor, the ceiling) and plus, dress up your little darling as the same animal, perfect for a photo souvenir ! A foil balloon which says 2, a candles which says 2 and you're done !

What games should you play at a 2nd birthday party ?

At 2 years old, they're very young but it's not unusual to have friends at that age from nursery or childminding. So inviting them is a great idea, it's cute to have them there but not for a really long time. An hour is enough. And definitely don't invite their little friends up to their room because at 2, they're not very generous so seeing a friend with their toys might make them go a bit crazy. So play, eat, listen to music in a neutral space without toys. And play games without rules like the tickle monster, fishing games, Pin the tail on the donkey, read a story, sing a song... Open the presents at the end of the party even if it doesn't last that long (or open them after the friends have left) because their friends might not understand why the presents aren't for them. And to avoid drama, prepare a little party bag or a balloon for each friend !