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What activities for a fourteenth birthday party ?

To celebrate our 14th birthday we don't want to do kids' games anymore, even though we aren't adults quite yet. We want to enjoy it with our friends, so let's have a dinner and dance till exhaustion in the evening. You'll need speakers, a full playlist (include slow songs towards the end for those shy little couples who don't dare even speak !), and you're ready for a great party ! At the end of the evening, it could continue into a sleepover party. Most the guests have left, just the BFFs stay to talk about the gossip of the night and giggle until the early morning.

How to decorate your party ?

Too old for mermaid and unicorn birthdays, that's far too babyish. Pre teens want more adult like themes, such as Hollywood glamour, or around the world, the jungle or Mexico for example. In any case, for a successful birthday you must have a cake with candles to blow out. We suggest also garlands on the walls, balloons floating at the ceiling and confetti on the tables for fun and festive decor.