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What to do for a pre-teen birthday ?

After having thought long and hard about who to invite, you need to decide on the date, the number of guests and the location, as well as the decor. A themed birthday is the best way to include everyone. For the activities, think carefully to match them to the tastes of 13 year olds, avoid playing games deemed too "babyish". So, we suggest pop music, Truth or Dare, and Twister !

What theme for 13 year olds ?

At 13 years old, you don't want a knights and princess theme anymore (except the knights from Game of Thrones). You want something a bit more mature like outerspace, Star Wars or jungle. At 13 years old the kids are already becoming big dreamers, so what about a party for explorers ? A treasure map, tropical decor and you're well on the way to a perfect theme. For more playful teens, a birthday party like a game show ! Like The Voice with a karaoke, or Masterchef where they cook up delicious treats. We have plenty of ideas for you to discover, take a look on our blog !