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Is there a difference between an 11th birthday party and others?

11 years old, high school, new friends, adolescence, loads of teachers... AND for their 11th, it's a bit like before but their attitudes change. Get out the DJ decks, karaoke, mics, sparkly outfits, mocktails and dance ! The themes are Koh Lanta, The Voice, Disco party, Pyjama party. There are challenges, team games but they would be nothing without a pretext. The pretext is The Voice, so they sing and dance as a team, and battle it out ! The pretext to the games is the theme, so if the party is organised, misbehavior is avoided.

What decor should I get for an 11th birthday party ?

Mix colours or have a total silver look by inflating helium balloons. Have burgers, hotdogs and pizza but a cake covered in candles too... Dress up as a rock star. Make cocktails without alcohol but serve them in champagne flutes. They're in between two extremes !