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What type of party do you have for a child's 10th birthday ?

At 10, they're super big, they weren't 6 so long ago but now they're not far from being a teenager, they're not far from rolling their eyes all day, but the party is here ! At 10 years old, let them choose the party theme. If they like Harry Potter, have a magical party, if they want a disco, get out the disco balls and the DJ decks, if their thing is The Voice and they like to pretend to be Will.I.Am., get out the microphones, karaoke and spinning chairs... for a 10th birthday party, adapt !

Is the decor always necessary for a 10th birthday party ?

More important than ever ! At 10, even if they walk tall, they're still a child. And even adults like balloons, garlands, confetti and party favors for their birthday party, so why wouldn't a 10 year old ! Dress up, put on some make up and have a party !